Sunday, October 17, 2010

Progress once again

So the new rainbarrels are drilled and plumbed, though I'm still trying to get a water tight seal on the plumbing.  I'll work on that some more today

One of my poker buddies came over and helped me raise the growbeds up another block-worth.  And he, and another poker buddy/neighbor helped me get the new greenhouse partially assembled.

 I've started some seeds, and they're already popping up.

Today I will once again silicone the rain barrel fittings, using the 2nd tube of silicone which did such a great job on the fittings I'd already used it on.  The first tube, of a different brand, has consistently failed at every application.  I also am hoping to get to the home center to purchase some brackets and 4x4 posts to use as table legs in place of the cinderblocks.  Though the blocks are functional, they aren't as stable as I'd like.  I'm also considering putting the legs onto furniture coasters to aid in any future moving around, since the posts are more likely to splay and crack.

I did a pH test on the 3/4" gravel offered locally, and it's just not going to work.  So Paul and I have decided to use the expanded clay instead.  It also has the advantage of being lighter weight than gravel.  It will be more expensive, and is not as easy to maintain, but it will be easier on my fingers.  I won't be doing that today, though; I'm fairly sure most of the hydroponics stores are closed for Sunday and I'm not really ready to plant anything anyway.  So that can wait.

Paul and I also discussed cover designs for the fishtank.  The overflow hole is rather higher than I'd like, and if I fill the tank that high it's going to bring the fish up awfully close to the top of the tank.  Also, the fish prefer to be under cover so they feel safe.  I have the greenhouse providing shade, but it doesn't provide that feeling of hiding.  We've tentatively agreed on a 3-piece lid.  The back portion of the tank will be covered by one piece which will remain stationary.  The front half will be two pieces, each hinged to the stationary piece, so that the fish can be fed by opening a small portion of the lid, or cleaning and capturing can be done by opening both hinged pieces creating a large opening.  I'll be building that soon... I hope.  I plan to use fence slats with some spacing between them for good air circulation.

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