Saturday, February 26, 2011

2011/02/26 - Happy fish, happy plants

Transplants are doing well. Cilantro is up and looking good.  Cucumber is sprouting. Fish are eating well. Lettuce is doing the ridiculous growing-so-fast-you-can-almost-watch thing. Tomatoes are... well... they're growing, but compared to everyone else they look like they aren't.


Cilantro looking good

Cucumber just up, and healthy tomato behind

Lettuce growing like Jack's Beanstalk

The fish - growing into dinner.  lol

Yes I'll need to clean.  With the air off you can see things down there you hadn't known about.
And, yes, that's a floater near the end of the video.  :-(

And here's them eating just before that.  I got up late, and it was just after the water pumped in, so they didn't come right up like they usually do.  But halfway through the video they arrive.

Oh, and it's snowing and hailing here today.  I'm so glad I've got that heater in the tank!

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