Thursday, April 7, 2011

2011/03/27 - Pictures

I just couldn't get the pH down far enough, so I finally stopped at the pool supply and bought some muriatic acid.  I poured about a cup into the first of the sump tanks so it would filter slowly through the second tank and into the fishtank.  After testing the pH 24 hours later, it was still quite a bit higher in the sump than the fishtank, so I think that means it was incorporated slowly enough.  I'll test again this weekend, but I'm expecting a pH of about 7.4 and might add another half cup to get it down closer to 7.0

The high pH is causing an iron block I think.  So the swiss chard is awfully pale.  I think with that better balanced, those plants should green up nicely.  This weekend I plan to start some more seeds.  Haven't decided which ones yet.

All the pak choi is either eaten or bolted.  And the lettuce has gotten out of hand.  So I've been feeding both to the fish, in between their regular pellet feedings.

The fish seem very happy and active.  And they're getting fairly big.  Not big enough to eat yet - I'm expecting that will take another few months.  But I have high hopes they'll be ready by fall!

Pictures from 3/16 and 3/27:

Long view with chard and cilantro in front:
Pak choi:

Got the tomatoes in frames:
Chard looking much too pale:
Long view:

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