Saturday, May 21, 2011

2011/05/21 - Once more into the breach, dear friends

My dad drove out today and we picked up another batch of fish from the fishery.  My dad hadn't seen the place before, and the owner gave us a nice tour.  My dad was just as impressed as I am.  What an amazing place.

So the owner sold me about 50 fish (plus a few because he's a nice guy) and I've just now gotten them into their new home.  I can't show pictures of them, unfortunately.  The bin I transported them was lined in black plastic, so you couldn't see them.  And now they're all in my huge tank, happily hiding in the deep water.  But they're between 2" and 3".  Some black some gold.  And all destined to be dinner some day.  :-)

Meanwhile here's an update on the plants:

Chard is still out of control.  I was going to harvest extra and make ravioli filing, and veggie chips, but I just haven't had time.  Perhaps tomorrow evening.  Meanwhile my ex in laws are coming out tomorrow and I'll send them home with as much as they'll take.

The tomatoes I transplanted to the new beds are recovering from their shock.  In fact, I have one tomato ripening to a beautiful red!  The plants in the old bed are as healthy as anyone could possible ask.

The cilantro got much too leggy.  I suspect it was from being in the shade of the monster tomato plants.

The strawberries continue to produce... and I continue to eat them the moment they're ripe enough.  LOL.  I have yet to get one out of the greenhouse.

The armenian cucumber is growing up its stake.  The seedlings (brussels sprouts, leeks, radishes, carrots, arugula, savoy cabbage, red romaine, green bibb, beets... did I miss anyone?) are all recovering from their water deprivation during the construction.  Overall, everyone is happy and healthy.

If I have time (I know: famous last words) this weekend I'll be building a simple moving bed bio filter.  I plan to put it in the rear sump, so the barrel-beds have that aeration to themselves.  It would be best for the overall health of the system if I put it directly in the fishtank, or between the fishtank and the growbeds, but with the configuration the way it is I think this is the right way to go for now.  This is the one I plan to build:

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