Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2012/05/06 - Seedlings going crazy

Haven't had time to do much, but wanted to at least post a pictorial update.

The seedlings are just going crazy.  Fiance had to move the peas away from the other plants so they wouldn't start climbing them.
 (The seedlings in the front left are the neighbor's sunflower seeds.  Wow, huh?)

Tomatoes need to be whipped into shape again:
Cilantro, Basil, and Strawberries doing well:

I'm hoping to get some good trellis netting (plant hammock) this week so we can start moving seedlings to their forever homes!


  1. You have an abundance already!! Feel free to send those extra tomatoes on over to me as soon as you are sick of them. I'll put them to use immediately. I can hardly wait for my first tomato harvest!

  2. I have an abundance of plants, and a few green fruit setting, but not yet any tomatoes. I'm so impatient for them. :-)
    We've got 2 cherry, 1 roma, and 1 early girl plant. I expect there will be plenty to share, and I already warned fiance that we'd probably be sending you a box of them!